Set-up Prime: Russian LLC + HQS Done Remotely
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Need a company and work visa before you get to Russia? We’ll get your company set up and your HQS visa processed from wherever you are located before you get to Russia. No need to travel back and forth.

Company Incorporation:
Document Preparation including Notarized Translations
Submission to & Pick up from Tax Authorities
Company Stamp
Company Bank Account
Filling Reports with Government Agencies
Tax Consultation
Service & filing fees included

Highly-Qualified Specialist Visa:

Document Preparation including Work Contract
Accreditation Registration of Company to Hire Foreigners
Submission of Application for Work Permit
Application for Visa Invitation
Delivery of Visa Invitation to Applicant
20% off Visa Submission Services by Let’s Russia (at Russian consulate in USA or Germany)
Accompany Applicant to pick up Work Permit once in Russia