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Funds Transfer via Stable Coin: Zero-Fee Trading (ONE-TIME)
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Need help trading stable coin for your chosen currency on an ongoing basis? Cannot access P2P trading platforms like

We walk you through purchasing stable coin USDT or USDC at the best rates and we trade on your behalf for rubles deposited directly into a Russian bank account you designate. You get the best possible rate with minimal fees. **Send up to $1k. ** Not necessary to send the whole amount at once.

Keep in mind that this fee is NOT per transfer but rather any amount of transfers adding up to limit you choose. You pay one time and can transfer over ANY period of time. For example, you pay $49 to send up to $1000. You can send $400 first and 2 weeks or 2 months later another $600. You pay our fee once in this case.

How it works:

  1. You deposit funds to your chosen cryptocurrency exchange. You must have your own crypto exchange account.
  2. Purchase or trade for USDT stable coin
  3. Send USDT to our wallet
  4. We trade your USDT for RUB and deposit to your designated Russian account

We guide you through:

  • choosing how and where to purchase USDT stable coin
  • how to fund your account
  • how to convert your funds to a safe, stable coin like USDT
  • how to send your USDT
  • how to sell your USDT for the currency you need at the best rates
  • we complete trades alongside you with zero-fees. The funds are deposited into your account (or friend/relative's account) directly.