Funds Transfer via Stable Coin: 1-on-1 Training
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Learn how to transfer funds at the best rates using Stable Coins.

Get a complete beginner's one-on-one training session on how to use stable coins to send and trade what you have for the currency you need like RUBLES.

In under 60 minutes, you'll know how to get your money from point A to point B safely, securely and get the best rates while doing it.

We'll cover:

  • which cryptocurrency exchange platforms are available to you
  • various ways to fund your cryptocurrency account (at the lowest rates)
  • best practices to avoid wait times
  • how to convert your funds to a safe, stable coin like USDT
  • how to send your stable coin
  • how to sell your stable coin for the rubles at the best rates
    BONUS - How to even make extra cash when sending your funds and stable coin

You'll be confident in exchanging funds to stable coin to another currency.